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Best Apartments for Rent in District 4

Considered the smallest district in Ho Chi Minh City at 4 km2, District 4 is flanked by the Saigon River and is the primary location of the Saigon Port. It has become known as the best district in Ho Chi Minh City to eat seafood and Vietnamese street food. Located just several minutes from District 1, District 4 is a small island on the Ben Nghe canal and presents a mix of both the old and new Vietnam. Like most of Ho Chi Minh City, housing for expats and accommodation for tourists are affordable here.


Tourists and expats can enjoy several beautiful spots on District 4 such as the Kim Lien Pagoda, Dragon Wharf, and Rainbow or Green Bridge. Dine and shop at Xom Chieu Market at Le Quoc Hung Street or go on a river cruise at the famous Elisa Floating Restaurant. District 4 is also the best place to enjoy seafood and sushi such as snails, squid, octopi, and many more. Visit the restaurants Vinh Khanh Street for an authentic seafood experience. You should also try traditional food such as xoi, cream puffs, agar-agar jelly, che, bot chien, and banh xeo.