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Apartments for Rent in Other Areas of Saigon

You can often find the expat community in the outlying districts surrounding District 1, such as District 2, 3, 4, 7, and Binh Thanh, and also located close to the CBD are the many world-class institutions, such as schools and hospitals, that you can easily access for all your needs while still being close enough to your work. These districts are home to expats of all kinds of nationalities, whether they’re from Australia, the United States, and you might even come across your fellow expat from Singapore.

But the full experience doesn’t end in these districts - HCMC has so much more to offer once you go a little more out of the way. But once you do, you’ll find wonders such as District 6’s unique blend of Chinese and Vietnamese culture, District 5’s Chinese restaurants and pagodas, or even the Vietnam’s very own Aeon Mall, the best shopping mall in Tan Binh District.